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Bradford Business Improvement District (BID) member businesses are soon to be provided a brand new 24/7 “Command and Intelligence Centre” (CIC) support line. This initiative will help businesses ensure any issues affecting them are captured, logged and processed to the relevant services. There will also be follow up visits from the BID Team to ensure action has been progressed and provide updates.

Bradford BID, the not for profit organisation which represent almost 600 member businesses in the city centre, are pioneering the scheme as part of a number of initiatives to be launched this year, focusing on a safe, positive environment in the city centre as outlined in the BID’s second term Business Plan.

Nikki Chadburn, the BID Business Communications Manager says:

“We are committed to making Bradford city centre an even safer place to live, work and visit. This dedicated support line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring our members can be confident that when they share intelligence or ask for advice and support, there is someone there to triage the call and ensure it is tasked accordingly.”

The new 24 hour help line is a first for the BID and is in partnership with leading industry experts, Argenbright Security Europe Limited (ASEL).

Peter Fisher, ASEL’s Director of Risk & Intelligence says:

Improving safety and security across urban centres such as Bradford city centre requires a partnership approach between multiple organisations, most importantly the businesses who are the eyes and ears of the city centre. By harnessing the intelligence these businesses provide into one central hub with agreed process-based actions, we can significantly improve the responses and outcomes of incidents while promoting the feeling of wellbeing across those city centres businesses in a measurable way. On behalf of the ASEL urban centres team, we look forward to working with and supporting Bradford BID, the businesses, and the wider community.


Nikki adds:

“By working together and collaborating with our members, ASEL, outreach agencies and partners we can continue to drive our three Business Plan objectives which are: A Positive Environment: Better for Business and: A Vibrant Experience.

If members experience issues which are having a negative impact on their business, calling the support line at any time, will ensure all the details are logged, relevant parties informed, and our members will be supported by trained and experienced experts on the other end of the line to offer any advice and guidance needed.”

If a business is not a BID member but is within the demise area, there is the option of joining as a voluntary member by contacting the BID Office.

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