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The BID Heads Back to School

Peel Park Primary School's Year 6 students immersed themselves in a morning of civic pride and empowerment, drawing inspiration from the captivating pages of the acclaimed book, The Promise, and a special visit by Bradford BID's Chief Executive, Jonny Noble.

The Year 6 pupils use the book to support their Relationships Education; focussing on positive changes they can make to their school, local community and the city they live in.

The school children wrote to Mr Noble resulting in him visiting school to talk to them to explain the role of the Business Improvement District (BID). The pupils were inspired following reading the New York Time’s Best Illustrated Book of the Year, The Promise, which is about harnessing the power people have to transform their world.

Mr Noble said: “Bradford is the youngest city in the UK, and the young people of our city will undoubtedly shape its future. I was delighted to be asked to speak to the students as it was a brilliant opportunity to share the message that taking pride in where you live and work is so important. We all have a role to play in supporting our city centres to be thriving and welcoming places.”

The children discussed their concerns around issues including graffiti, homelessness, air pollution and littering, along with how organisations and individuals can work collaboratively to make positive change. 

Year 6 teacher, Mrs Beth Pollard adds: “The children had some fantastic questions and Jonny gave a great explanation of what the BID does and his role. It has been brilliant for the children to see that, like in The Promise story, lots of small actions can make a huge difference to improve our city.”

You can find out more about Bradford BID, the non-for-profit, membership organisation that represents over 550 businesses in Bradford city centre at

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