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Cleanliness and safety at top of BID’s new agenda - Bradford BID

A clean and safe environment for everyone who comes to the city centre will be at the top of the agenda if Bradford BID wins a second five-year term.

The Business Improvement District’s first term will end later this year and the highly-praised organisation is launching a ballot at the end of August to secure a second five years, to the end of 2028.

Almost 600 levy-paying businesses and organisations will be asked to support the BID by voting “Yes” in the ballot which closes on September 28, with the result announced the following day.

The BID is a limited not-for-profit company funded by a small levy on businesses and organisations within a specified area of the city centre. The £2.5 million total levy pot will be spent on schemes to improve the city centre as set out in its new Business Plan, which focuses on three key objectives: creating A Positive Environment, making it Better for Business and providing A Vibrant Experience.

BID manager Jonny Noble said: “We all know that how the city centre is perceived is key to its success. Nothing matters more to those who live, work, shop and visit here than cleanliness and a feeling of safety at all times of day and night.

“The best way to deter crime and alter the perception of crime is to encourage more people to come here and use our shops and facilities. Crime and anti-social behaviour won’t thrive in a bustling environment with high footfall and a multitude of people going about their everyday lives.”

The projects to tackle the issues outlined in the Plan include:

  • The BID working closely with partner agencies to reduce street begging and rough sleeping as well as combating anti-social behaviour which directly affects business.

  • Employing a small clean team to remove litter and graffiti, clean empty shopfronts and improve cleanliness, with a bespoke call out service for BID member businesses.

  • Continuing with the hugely successful hot-washing and chewing gum removal across the BID demise area.

  • Providing a Marshal service across the different daytime and night-time economies, to liaise with BID member businesses and members of the public, assisting with their needs.

  • Prompting greater involvement in the Green Economy to reduce landfill, reducing the city centre carbon footprint to benefit businesses and visitors.

  • Improving the look and feel of the city centre via schemes such as additional lighting, street dressing, floral planting and greening.

The BID’s new ballot timetable

Legally, all BIDs need to be established via a ballot of eligible business and the vote is conducted entirely by post over a 28-day period. The votes will be sent to either the tenant of the business or the landlord (in the case of vacant units), within the BID boundary and Civica Election Services will be carrying out the voting process.

The key dates are:

  • August 31 – ballot papers issued

  • September 28 – Ballot Day, the last day by which votes must be received

  • September 29 – Results announced

For the BID proposal to be successful, there are two requirements which must be met: A majority of those who vote must have voted in favour, and The total rateable values of the business properties who vote Yes must exceed that of those who voted No.

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